How to Turn Habit into Discipline

Turn habit to disciplineQ: If I feed my brain with a certain positive thought every time it wanders in a negative direction, does it eventually believe the thought? For example, suppose my mom tries to stop me from playing video games by telling me that it wastes time. My mind doubts her, and and I have thoughts that she’s just being overly protective. But if I keep repeating to myself that she’s right, would my mind eventually believe it and have no more doubts? – Michele Continue reading “How to Turn Habit into Discipline”

Why Do I Feel Horny When I Have a Cold?

hormones, cytokines, and the immune systemDon’t laugh, but I get extremely randy whenever I have a cold. Am I the only one? Why does this happen? – Mike

Dear Mike,

It seems counter-intuitive to be lookin’ for love when your body is under attack, but you are not alone. When I searched Google for phrases such as “sick and horny” I found men and women wondering why they feel frisky when they’re fighting infection.

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What Do Believers Think When Their Prophecy Fails To Arrive?

Festinger's experiment became standard fare for any psych 101 class.Did ya’ ever wonder what happens in the mind of someone whose beliefs fail them? I’m not the first to point it out, but that’s what happened to the followers of Harold Camping’s recent doomsday prophecy. Reverend Camping predicted that armageddon would arrive on May 21st, and many of his followers made huge investments of time and money to warn others. Continue reading “What Do Believers Think When Their Prophecy Fails To Arrive?”