What Do Believers Think When Their Prophecy Fails To Arrive?

Festinger's experiment became standard fare for any psych 101 class.Did ya’ ever wonder what happens in the mind of someone whose beliefs fail them? I’m not the first to point it out, but that’s what happened to the followers of Harold Camping’s recent doomsday prophecy. Reverend Camping predicted that armageddon would arrive on May 21st, and many of his followers made huge investments of time and money to warn others. Continue reading “What Do Believers Think When Their Prophecy Fails To Arrive?”

Is My Ex-Wife Possessed?

satanic possession in different culturesQ: I have an ex-wife who turned into another person. When I first met her, she was fine. But after a while she changed. I did not think much of it until I noticed the bed levitating on its own one night. Then as I was talking to her, her head turned 360 degrees on her neck. Full circle… It was the damnedest thing. She started talking all growly to me in some bizarre voice and I grabbed a cross and left after she puked on me. Was that wrong? Should I have tried counseling? – Damien Continue reading “Is My Ex-Wife Possessed?”