Book Review: Men On Strike

Men on strike coverMen are a strange bunch. We’ll fight each other to the death over a patch of land. We’ll go to the mat over an imagined insult. Sometimes we brawl just for fun. But we do not enjoy conflict with women. Any relationship therapist can tell you that men tend to retreat from arguments, leaving women frustrated and isolated, and leaving relationship problems unresolved. It may be the single most common complaint from women about the men in their lives. Continue reading “Book Review: Men On Strike”

Our Representatives Are Ensuring Another Newtown

voteOur elected officials have no meaningful incentive to prevent another murder committed by someone with severe mental illness. It’s not that they want these crimes to continue, but politicians are compelled to do things that will keep them in office. Unfortunately, the behaviors that maintain their power are sometimes very different from the behaviors that would solve problems. Continue reading “Our Representatives Are Ensuring Another Newtown”

Dial M for Misinterpretation: Psychology’s Latest Attack on Conservatives

Q: In light of your previous intellectual truck-bombings of such junk-psych as the “conservative crybaby” study, I was interested in getting your opinion on a new study put out by NYU and UCLA’s psych departments claiming that the brains of left-wingers are more “tolerant of ambiguity and conflict” than those of right-wingers, based on a simple letter-recognition test. Continue reading “Dial M for Misinterpretation: Psychology’s Latest Attack on Conservatives”

Curing Conservatism: Psychology’s Abuse of Research

biased, anti-conservative psychological researchIn 1994, the controversial book The Bell Curve examined intelligence in American society and asserted that whites outperform other races on IQ tests. The American Psychological Association was quick to respond, launching a task force to meticulously scrutinize the methodology behind the book. Throughout dozens of publications, a veritable contest took place: who could most eloquently and irrevocably discredit The Bell Curve? The book was called polarizing, biased, and specious. Continue reading “Curing Conservatism: Psychology’s Abuse of Research”

How to Spot a Broken Study: The Baby Conservative Project

baby-conservative-studyLast month, I examined one of the studies embraced in the current Psychology Today article, “The Ideological Animal” (Dixit, 2007). That study asserted that conservatives, among numerous other deficits, are lower in openness to experience and integrative complexity than liberals, and that people choose conservatism because it serves to reduce their inherent fear and anxiety (Jost, et al., 2003). The poor dears. Continue reading “How to Spot a Broken Study: The Baby Conservative Project”