Men, Never Marry a Misstery

Hey, you wanna buy a car? Here’s my offer: If you give me $50,000 I’ll deliver a vehicle to you next year. Until then, you

December PsychNotes

My favorite study of the week says dogs have about 530 million cortical neurons, and cats have 250 million. However, cats make up the deficit by

Surviving Highly Offended People

The great majority of us are on the wrong end of an abusive relationship. There is a hypersensitivity problem in our society, and it’s costing

14 Character Traits Young Men Learn from Good Men

It seems that men aren’t very popular these days. There are books o’plenty on the shortcomings and irrelevancy of men. There are songs, and websites, and fabricated

How to Ruin Your Marriage in One Easy Step

Over the years I’ve helped a lot of couples get their relationships back on track. I’ve also watched couples self-destruct despite my best efforts. The

7 Modest Tips to Increase Your IQ

Keeping a fit mind is like keeping a fit body: there are no reliable gimmicks or shortcuts. Health comes down to daily lifestyle choices, like

Duct Tape Solutions for the Mind

Last week I had the honor of speaking with about 200 wonderful students at Northeastern Community College here in Colorado. We discussed important things, like why

Why Women Are Rejecting “Perfect” Men

A few weeks ago, psychologist Randi Gunther discussed the fact that women still initiate the majority of divorces, even after men dutifully followed women into the

The Mighty Power of “I Don’t Know”

“Hi. I’m looking for a Chicago screw,” I announced to the woman behind the counter at the hardware store. A Chicago screw is essentially a

Here’s Some Good Advice…

I love good advice. Why? Because I love efficiency. Good advice spares me from costly, inefficient mistakes that others have already made, freeing me to

Who Do You Want To Be In Ten Years?

When I was about 26 years old, I was offered a tattoo as a gift. This particular tattoo would have conveyed the type of thrilling