Why Am I a Night Owl?

Q: Can you explain why, when I have no external forces determining my schedule, I tend to gravitate naturally toward a nocturnal state? -Marty

The Power of Pessimism

The mind seems to be wired for negative thoughts. Common wisdom says that pessimism is a problem. The anti-pessimists warn us: “don’t think like that

Dear APA, We Need to Talk…

This entry is not about global warming. That topic is incidental. It is about respect for diversity of opinion and the American Psychological Association’s hostility

What is Relational Frame Theory (Part Two)

In Part One, we looked at one of the handy cognitive shortcuts that separates humanity from other non-verbal earthlings: relational framing. We have the ability to

Two Weeks in China

Nothing psychology related this week, just some eye candy from China. It took some planning, but I managed to visit during the worst weather in

Guns and Suicide

Friends sometimes disagree with my explanation of suicidal behavior: I see it as an attempt to solve problems that seem overwhelming and interminable. Many people

What is Relational Frame Theory (Part One)

Q: What is ironshrink’s take on relational frame theory? Is it controversial as voodoo? There are no chickens involved, are there? – Sponge

True Grit

This is my favorite study of 2007. Angela Duckworth and company have explored that which keeps us going in the face of long odds. Call it

Teaching Children to Worship Emotion

The world is full of pointy things and sad situations. It is also a wonderful place. I was first exposed to that lesson as a