Ten Questions, Ten Answers, Sort Of

I’ve been thinking, IronShrink, and have some random questions for you. I hope to see some or all of these questions answered because they are

Don’t Believe Everything Your Mind Says

For some reason, my publisher cut the best chapters from The User’s Guide to the Human Mind. What happened to my haggis recipes and the chapter

How to Get Your Husband to Help More

(Author’s note: I realized after writing this piece that it needs a bit of context and preamble. In this essay, I offer some pointed thoughts

I Heart Colfax Avenue

If I’ve done one thing right in my life, it was being born in Denver. Having lived here ever since, Colfax Avenue has been a

Why Am I So Irritable In The Winter?

Q: Is there anything that can be done for seasonal depression? The long months of overcast skies and reduced sunlight never had any noticeable effect

Why Do People Commit Suicide?

September is suicide prevention awareness month. Suicide awareness campaigns highlight an uncomfortable and perplexing question about human behavior: why do people commit suicide?

What a Thought Is Not

It is rare that I embrace poetry. As much as I appreciate a well-turned phrase, I’m about as unpoetical as a braying cat on a

Disappearing Shrink

It has been a quite a while since I’ve posted anything of substance, but it hasn’t been for naught. There have been big changes in

Why Are Humans Smarter Than We Need To Be?

Q: Why did mankind develop such high intelligence? I mean, it’s not as if less intelligent creatures are having trouble sustaining their respective species. So why