May PsychNotes • Insect Intellect

The Smithsonian estimates there are around 900,000 species of insects and 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 of them buzzing and crawling around at any given moment. Look out! There’s

April PsychNotes • Strange Perceptions

Here’s something to ponder. None of us know what’s happening right now because everything we see and hear has already occurred. It takes time for

March PsychNotes • The Non-Election Issue

My wife recently asked if I’d been following the presidential debates. I told her I hadn’t. Knowing that I’m usually well informed, she asked “don’t

Surviving Highly Offended People

The great majority of us are on the wrong end of an abusive relationship. There is a hypersensitivity problem in our society, and it’s costing

February PsychNotes

As we wrap up the 2015 wrap-ups, here is the New Yorker’s list of the year’s most interesting psychology papers. In other news, Valentine’s day approaches.

January PsychNotes

Happy New Year! Are you resolving to make changes this year? I have a couple of tips below to help you succeed. But first, the

What Is Third-Wave Behaviorism?

Strap yourselves in! Prepare to recalibrate your definition of excitement! Why? Because I’m going to oversimplify and possibly misreport the history of behaviorism. There’s no need

Help! My Man Won’t Talk to Me 

Michelle sent this question via Facebook: “I’ve recently come across some articles you’ve written on relationship dynamics, specifically situations in which men ‘go silent.’ They’ve

How to Ruin Your Marriage in One Easy Step

Over the years I’ve helped a lot of couples get their relationships back on track. I’ve also watched couples self-destruct despite my best efforts. The

7 Modest Tips to Increase Your IQ

Keeping a fit mind is like keeping a fit body: there are no reliable gimmicks or shortcuts. Health comes down to daily lifestyle choices, like

Duct Tape Solutions for the Mind

Last week I had the honor of speaking with about 200 wonderful students at Northeastern Community College here in Colorado. We discussed important things, like why

Surviving Aggressive People Cover Reveal

Howdy! Many thanks to everyone who helped us choose the cover for the next edition of Surviving Aggressive People. 154 non-aggressive people generously offered opinions

Why Women Are Rejecting “Perfect” Men

A few weeks ago, psychologist Randi Gunther discussed the fact that women still initiate the majority of divorces, even after men dutifully followed women into the