The White Horse

This might be the most important horse story you read all day, or at least one of the top three. I know a man who


A Long Overdue Update

My apologies to those of you who received a broken email from me yesterday. That’s what we in the business call a misfire. It seems

June PsychNotes

You’ll probably get the urge to yawn if you stare at this yawning dog. Why? Because you’re a kind and empathetic person, of course! That

May PsychNotes

Here’s a little challenge for ya. Take a look at this chart of cognitive biases and see if you can identify two that you’re especially

April PsychNotes

The first mass media April Fool joke was reportedly the BBC’s 1957 Panorama segment on spaghetti harvesting, for which a cameraman hung “pounds of spaghetti

Men, Never Marry a Misstery

Hey, you wanna buy a car? Here’s my offer: If you give me $50,000 I’ll deliver a vehicle to you next year. Until then, you

March PsychNotes

What is green and pecks on trees? Woody the Woodpickle. (That joke never fails with kids.) Here are some goodies from last month, including studies

February PsychNotes

Wanna hear a joke? A neuron and a glial cell went to summer camp. When they arrived at the barracks, the neuron demanded the top

January PsychNotes

Someone once said the problem with the future is that it usually arrives before we’re ready for it. Ready or not, happy new year! Here

December PsychNotes

My favorite study of the week says dogs have about 530 million cortical neurons, and cats have 250 million. However, cats make up the deficit by

November PsychNotes

Happy November! Sometimes it seems like everything is a competition. My own brain can’t even get along with itself. Here are some recent tidbits about

Is Feminism Making Women Undatable?

Did you know sandwiches are a tool of patriarchal oppression? It’s true. A person can be oppressed by anything if they have an indignant outlook

October PsychNotes

We’re approaching binge-eating season. It seems natural selection has saddled us with a powerful hankerin’ to bulk up for the winter. There was a time

PsychNotes • Get Me Some Numbers, Stat!

Here’s a fact of life as comforting as it is troubling: most everything regresses to the mean. The good news: every sweltering day will eventually

A Practical Guide to Forgiveness

Mike asked a question that comes up frequently in my office: what the heck does forgiveness mean, and how does one do it? We’ve all

July PsychNotes • Sweet Memories

It’s been ten years and one child since I wrote a blog post titled How Does Memory Work? It’s held up well, for the most