Happy New Year! Unsubscribe Now!

Hey there! It’s been a while since I posted here on the website. Seven months, to be exact. That’s because I’ve been retooling and refocusing both my clinical practice and my online content, and I didn’t want to subject my existing subscribers to my evolving content without an explanation.

So here’s an explanation… Last year, I began shifting my focus toward working more consistently with men. In particular, I’m increasingly helping male clients avoid costly errors in dating and marriage. That’s the topic of my book, The Tactical Guide to Women, and that was the direction of my online content in 2018.

This new direction involves advice and social commentary that isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea. For example, there’s my recent YouTube video on why men should avoid dating intersectional feminists. Or the video about maintaining a woman’s interest for the long term.

There’s nothing wicked in the new direction of my content, but it is a significant shift in tone. I didn’t want to sneak up on my longtime subscribers with it, so I didn’t post it here, but that’s about to change. Most everything I produce from now on will show up on docsmith.co.

With that in mind, here’s something you won’t hear very often from a content creator: go ahead and hit that unsubscribe button! Of course I hope you’ll stick around, but there will be no hard feelings if this new direction isn’t for you. Seriously. I won’t even know if you unsubscribe.

If you do stick around, you can look forward to more videos and blog posts this year focused on wise relationship decisions, and avoiding the pitfalls of a complex sexual marketplace. And while most of my content is aimed at men, I’m getting great feedback from women, too.

I’ve got big plans for 2019, and I hope you do too. Happy New Year!