Surviving Aggressive People Cover Reveal

Howdy! Many thanks to everyone who helped us choose the cover for the next edition of Surviving Aggressive People. 154 non-aggressive people generously offered opinions and comments. These were the contenders:


And here are the survey results:

cover_survey_resultsThe umbrella edged out “SURV!V!#G,” and the dove was a distant third. (Personally, I don’t think the dove was trying very hard. He had a lackadaisical attitude from the moment we hired him.) In addition to the survey responses, lots of people offered feedback that helped us refine the final cover. Here it is:

SAP2 Final CoverLots more news to come, along with a chance to win a free copy, so please check back. Thanks again to all who helped out!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the fetching and talented Iron Wife designed the cover. She does this sort of thing for a living and she’s cute, too. I’m a lucky man.