Random Links: Junk Food, Doggie Kisses, and the Big Five

It’s a new feature on the website! I’m calling it Link of the Week – even though it contains multiple links. Also, I’ll update it whenever I get an itch, not weekly. I should probably rethink the name. Join me on Facebook if you want to catch all the updates. Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently:

Is that McMuffin ruining your kiddo’s brain? French researchers suggest a diet high in junk food puts kids at an intellectual disadvantage. Junk Food Diet Linked to Lower IQ.

Dr. Maza says that the mental health benefits of kissing your pet outweigh the risks of getting sick. He might change his mind if he’d seen where my dog’s mouth has been. Is It Safe to Kiss Your Pet?

If you’ve ever wondered how you rate on the Big Five personality traits (or wondered what they are), you might spend a bit of time on this online assessment. Enjoy the IPIP-NEO.

By the way, if you’re new to the site, here’s my dog. Also, here.