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June PsychNotes

You’ll probably get the urge to yawn if you stare at this yawning dog. Why? Because you’re a kind and empathetic person, of course! That explanation, and more, in this month’s thrilling edition of PsychNotes.

May PsychNotes

Here’s a little challenge for ya. Take a look at this chart of cognitive biases and see if you can identify two that you’re especially guilty of, and two that you’re reasonably good at avoiding. I suffer inordinately from reactive devaluation and gambler’s fallacy, and I’ve gotten reasonably skilled at avoiding confirmation bias and hyperbolic discounting, when I try. How about you?

April PsychNotes

The first mass media April Fool joke was reportedly the BBC’s 1957 Panorama segment on spaghetti harvesting, for which a cameraman hung “pounds of spaghetti over trees in a little Swiss village” and persuaded locals to harvest the crop. The BBC was inundated with calls. “[T]he majority either wanted to know where they could see a spaghetti harvest, or obtain information to start a spaghetti farm” (Humphrys 1999). It was a simpler time. Here are some research goodies from last month.

Men, Never Marry a Misstery

Hey, you wanna buy a car? Here’s my offer: If you give me $50,000 I’ll deliver a vehicle to you next year. Until then, you don’t get to drive it or see it. Maybe it’s a new Lamborghini, or maybe it’s a ’77 Pinto with a tendency to explode. Any takers? I didn’t think so. No one with a lick of common sense would take that deal, yet I routinely meet men, and more than a few women, who use that method to make a much more important decision: they marry people they haven’t truly gotten to know. Occasionally they


About Shawn

My fascination with psychology began as a child, growing up in the family-owned bar. Watching my father defuse all manner of problems, I knew that I had found my calling. You might be surprised how clinically savvy a bar owner must be.

I worked my way through the University of Colorado at Denver with jobs ranging from security guard to loading dock worker, and earned B.A. degrees in Psychology and Communication. After college, I worked in such glamorous places as detox facilities and a home to troubled teens. I also spent part of each week with the Denver Chapter of the Guardian Angels for five years, where I learned conflict resolution skills from the best in the business.


I offer solution-focused therapy, always with your particular situation in mind. I don’t use cookie-cutter approaches, and treatment is always tailored to your goals.

In addition to my Denver-based clinical services, I offer coaching by video in the US and Canada. The coaching arm of my practice is geared toward men, but women are always welcome here too.